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About Us

About Us

You will be welcomed to a warm and aromatic atmosphere of sights and smells of authentic food from different parts of Africa.


Papaye is making a special mark in the world of New York City cuisine.

We offer a wide variety of African foods and cuisines . . .

From our Side Menu to our Main Menu, we offer for all events sizes. You can also order from our Restaurant and Online.

Professional Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Everything we serve is natural, fresh, and of the highest quality. We offer exotic dishes, serving everything from spicy to mild flavors, vegetables to fish, and meat.


While we’re known for our hearty vegan and vegetarian fare, we also serve fish, beef, lamb, and chicken.

We truly have something for everyone. And if you prefer your dishes on the mild side, we can customize any dish to the exact spice level that you wish.

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